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Kinder mit Umhängen

anti-bullying program
"No means no"

​Our anti-bullying program not only teaches BJJ, but the children also get it here

Recognition for healthy living, discipline, respect, helpfulness and a sense of responsibility off the mat.

Children should know how to deal with bullying, physical attacks, verbal abuse

and avoid oppression of others.

Therefore, in our training we teach in a targeted and yet playful way:

Avoid a fight

Defend yourself, but verbally first

Don' t hit or kick

Control the situation until help arrives

Use the power that is necessary, but no more




Attentiveness and helpfulness

Physical fitness, strength and coordination

Sense of responsibility for oneself and others

Should your child also become a mini superhero who is able to stand up for himself and others,

then register for a free trial lesson.

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