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BJJ-Turnierkampf, kämpfende Männer


BJJ is training with each other, not against each other!

BJJ does not have training equipment. In order to learn and progress, you need a training partner! The most important rules in training are therefore fairness and mindfulness. And since BJJ is a contact sport, hygiene is a given.

We present 11 good reasons

why you should start with BJJ.

self defense

BJJ gives people who are naturally smaller and weaker the opportunity to defend themselves against opponents who are larger and stronger. Everyone has the same opportunities here!

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu it is assumed that in most fights there will eventually be a clinching or even a ground fight because you fall, stumble or are pushed to the ground. If you don' t know how to get out of such situations, it can quickly become dangerous.

BJJ gives you the tools it takes to get away from dangerous situations unscathed.

Complementary to other sports

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is similar to MMA, grappling and judo in parts, but is far ahead of other martial arts in this area due to its specialization in ground fighting. BJJ is one of the most effective techniques in unarmed combat and is an excellent complement to other sports. In many martial arts, the fight is decided when a fighter is down. In BJJ the fight really starts, on the ground the fighter can really develop his skills. Then the superiority is played out on the ground.

The opponent is brought under control with lever grips and choking techniques.

set and achieve goals

Of course, one of the great goals of any martial arts beginner is to someday achieve a black belt, the master's degree.

But instead of just giving you one goal well over a decade in the future, BJJ keeps giving you smaller goals along the way. The first stripe on the belt, the first color belt (white-blue-purple-brown-black), a technique that has been worked on for a long time and finally works.

Jiu-Jitsu keeps you focused on different goals and able to achieve them.

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training consists mainly of duels. No forms are run and no sandbags are hit. Every newly learned technique is tried out immediately and tested for its suitability for combat. Only the techniques with which I am also successful remain in my repertoire. So the training is one battle after another. I get better with every fight.

Healthy Habits

When you start BJJ, you will quickly notice how everyday life changes around you. You will live healthier. You' ll start paying more attention to your eating habits, you' ll sleep earlier and longer, you' ll find yourself thinking about BJJ outside of training, and you' ll start repeating exercises at home. You might even quit smoking to keep up with BJJ training.

You think we' re exaggerating? Try it out with a free trial session!

To get fit

There are not many sports that offer such an extensive training and physical workout as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. You will train your entire body. It is not uncommon for students to "complain" the next day about their sore muscles in places they were previously unfamiliar with. But after a few training sessions, you will notice how much fitter you become in everyday life. Climbing stairs, which may have made you out of breath before, or running behind the bus, will no longer cause you any trouble and you will lose a few extra pounds along the way.

staying power

BJJ teaches you to persevere, even if there are times when it will be difficult for you. You will learn to stay on the ball and keep working on the details until it works the way you imagined. The feeling when it finally works is a reward that only those who have perseverance receive.

Interpersonal relationships

If you have ever been to a BJJ school, you will have noticed that there is a very special relationship between the members. Everyone finds friends here quickly, people help each other during training, motivate each other, get through strenuous training sessions together and are also there for each other outside of sport. Due to the cooperation that has now been entered into, you are both part of the judo club and a team member of Top Brother.

Stress management, focus and concentration

Stress at work, family stress, problems at school or at university. As soon as you step onto the mats and the workout begins, you' ll find all of that falling away. BJJ lets you forget everything else and focus on one thing for the time of the workout. After the training you will notice that you will deal with your stress much more relaxed.

Self-confidence, self-assessment and discipline

Do you have little self-confidence and are you more of the reserved type? BJJ will give you confidence. After a few units of BJJ you will already notice how your perception changes. You' ll get stronger, your stamina will improve, you' ll be able to do exercises that previously seemed way too difficult. All of this will also boost your self-confidence outside of training. BJJ teaches you to know, use and control your body. If you are disciplined in your training, it will affect all other areas of your life.

International contacts

The good thing about the BJJ community is that you can find nice people to train with everywhere you go. Through Top Brother you can find people and gyms all over the world who are just as crazy about BJJ as you are. You can watch the training in other countries and experience how BJJ is lived and practiced there.

Individuality and countless opportunities to further your education

BJJ is a rapidly growing community that is just gaining a foothold in Germany and is gaining in awareness and popularity. In addition to the regular training, there are always seminars, open mats or training camps through Top Brother, where you can expand and train your own style. In addition to the fights in training, there are a variety of ways to compete with others. There are many championships and tournaments, both national and international. Participation in such events is of course voluntary.

In these competitions, fighters with the same weight class and the same belt color compete against each other. In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, belts are awarded based on the success a fighter has in bouts in training and at championships.

There are many more reasons that speak for BJJ. But it' s best to make your own impression.
So just come by and have a look and train with us.
Of course, you can first get an idea in a free trial session.

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